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One of the most stressful parts about planning an event is rolling with the punches when plans don't go your way. When your plans change, tensions run high for a day that should be a celebration but instead become a headache. 

Back up plans don't have to be stressful

In 2017 I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Event Management, a minor in Entrepreneurship, and two weeks later I married my high school sweetheart. My "day job" was event coordinating for a hotel, and on the weekends I was starting my wedding videography business. So you'd think I'd be immune to wedding day mishaps. Unfortunately this was not the case. My makeup artist was a no show on my wedding day, with no warning. We were left scrambling the morning of my wedding (many tears and lots of deep breaths) and were saved by a local salon who swiftly slipped me into their schedule. 

So what can you do if this happens to you? Unfortunately there has been a rise in altered plans in the last couple of years ever since the COVID pandemic. I have gotten a record number of messages asking for last minute videographer fill ins for couples who are left in a sticky situation with no videographer weeks or days prior to their wedding day. There are message threads on Facebook of couples desperate to find someone, but often times there are tags to businesses that may or may not be a good fit and could be a dead end.

For Couples:

I am here to help! Instead of spending countless hours searching and scouring the internet for a replacement, I can send you a list of recommended vendors that will serve you well on your special day. When planning your wedding, we know that you have more going on outside of wedding plans (like working, maintaining a relationship, keeping up with friends, just to name a few). It takes time to reach out to vendors, cross your fingers that they are available AND in your budget, and then hear back if they are interested. The Altar-ed Plans structure takes away all of the guesswork and waiting, and gets a list of available replacements quickly and efficiently so that you don't lose more sleep over any change of plans. 

For Wedding Vendors:

And for vendors? We are here for you too! If you need a replacement due to a personal emergency (illness, injury, family emergency) or need a second shooter but don't have the time to start the search, we are here to help as well!

This is also a great way for vendors to fill in open dates that they would like to book. Now available for photographers and videographers in Central Iowa.

Let's make a plan!

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