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Wedding Films

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Whether you have 4 or 400 guests, your wedding day will fly by. The only way to fully enjoy and immerse yourself is to rely on a professional to document your wedding day so that you can be sure that you are not missing out on anything. This way you know you can go back and watch everything, no stress about running back and forth. Soak it all in as it is happening! 

You will get to see moments that you couldn't even see yourself on the wedding day... your groom giving himself a pep talk in the mirror before the big reveal, the flower girl throwing out petals like confetti, and other sweet fleeting moments between loved ones that you didn't even know were taking place.

One of the only purchases for a wedding that only gains value over time is your wedding film.  

Wedding packages include a highlight film posted within 1-2 weeks of your wedding to share with friends and family on social media and give a taste of what your day looked like. These films are between 2-6 minutes long. A full highlight film is also included which is an 11-18 minute film featuring the highlights in depth including drone footage (weather permitting) audio from the day (from the ceremony, vows, and the speeches), A full ceremony film is included with the 10 hour package,

I am currently booking weddings 8 months (or less) in advance. If your wedding is further away than that, please feel free to still inquire and we can chat about what my process looks like with my waiting list. 

Packages start at $4,500 

Sneak Peek Film

Full Film

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