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About me

Growing up my grandfather was always known as the camera guy. I cannot remember a time that he did not have a camera in hand. He has inspired me to capture moments for others to look back on for years to come. Films have a way of bringing people together, and preserving memories.

I am a videographer based out of Central Iowa. I love to travel, ride motorcycle with my husband, and I have an obsession with good smelling candles. Having just gotten married, I find so much joy in delivering a tangible memory catcher, aka wedding video, for you to look back on forever. I mean how cool is it that you can show your kids, grand kids, and great grand kids exactly how your wedding was? How the way your dress flowed when you twirled, the sweet tears your groom had as you met him at the altar, the sound of the voices of your loved ones even after they're gone. That's what keeps me going, preserving these lasting memories.


My goal is to make you experience all the feels, chills, and tears.

And as a small business owner, I can't stress enough how important video is in marketing yourself and what you have to offer!

Interested in what services I can offer you? Take a look around my website, and reach out to me!

Much Love,

Leah Rozendaal


[Photo taken by Cassie Garnet Moul]


Let's talk


I look forward to hearing all about the plans you have been working so hard on, and how I can document it for a lasting memory! Talk soon :) 


Leah Rose